Ayutthaya: Getting there and getting around

By Crystal Vicente - Nacional | December 19, 2017

At school, I was never interested in history. Aside from the fact that textbooks are full of dates, events, and names to memorize, my teacher couldn’t make the lesson appealing.But when I started tutoring English to Japanese students, I found myself having a conversation withthe elders. As all topics are welcome during the speaking lesson, … Read more

Ming Lee Review: Restaurant Across Wat Phra Kaew

By Crissele Vicente | September 1, 2017

After  we’ve visited Wat Phra Kaew and the Grand Palace, we had our lunch at Ming Lee (just across the road) for a local cuisine experience.  Their Menu is both in Thai and English language making it foreign-tourist friendly. I ordered their Fried Noodle specialty and I actually couldn’t wait before it is served.  It … Read more

Parent Break: Thailand on Father’s Day

By Crystal Vicente - Nacional | September 1, 2017
Bangkok Itinerary

We have always wanted to treat our parents with a vacation. My sister and I are both very busy with work thus have only little time to spend with them. We believe that traveling is a way for us to be intentional in connecting with each other as we leave our day-to-day responsibilities and create … Read more