Ming Lee Review: Restaurant Across Wat Phra Kaew

After  we’ve visited Wat Phra Kaew and the Grand Palace, we had our lunch at Ming Lee (just across the road) for a local cuisine experience.  Their Menu is both in Thai and English language making it foreign-tourist friendly.

I ordered their Fried Noodle specialty and I actually couldn’t wait before it is served.  It is different from the other type of noodles that I have already tried in different countries though.  It is more of a light snack for me so if you are too hungry after a tour, I suggest you order something else on the side to fill your tummy.  It also tastes sweet and crispy and as my brother described it, tastes similar to the lumpia wrapper used in making “turon” back home in the Philippines when sugar coated.  It is topped with chili and served with a slice of lime for a sweet sour spicy sensation.

We also tried their Roasted Pork and Beef Spicy Salad partnered with small servings of rice.

Service is above satisfactory, I would say.  The old lady can understand a little English so it is not difficult to order or ask for something.  I am not sure what time the store closes but we were there a little past-2pm and we’re the last customers already.  A guy was supposed to enter to dine in but the old lady signaled that the shop is already closed.

Price is also affordable.  Our total bill for 4 pax was only THB 510. (THB 127.50 per pax)

If you are around the area, you might want to visit Ming Lee as well and try their food that’s being served to foreign and local customers for decades.

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