Aqua Planet: Don’t go unprepared! [Guide + Hot Tips]

There’s no better time to visit Aqua Planet than now. With its brand new facilities and 25 thrilling attractions, it’s true to its promise to be the nation’s favorite playground. Aqua Planet opened on February 24, 2018 and is now the biggest water theme park in the Philippines. Especially on weekdays, you can have all the rides and pools almost all to yourself as few visitors come, at least for now – and that means one thing – there are NO QUEUES. You have all the day to scream your heart out and enjoy every attraction as much as you’d like. We even took a nap after we had lunch to restore our energy, we didn’t worry about not having enough time to hit all the rides.

All the stuff you need to know:

Location: Clark Freeport, Mabalacat, Pampanga

Opening Hours: Daily, 9 am – 5pm

Entrance Fee: 48” and above = 950.00php | Below 48” = 750.00php

Strict One-Entry-One-Exit Policy: Make sure you have everything you need upon entry – clothes, towel, medicine, toiletries, etc. You won’t be allowed exit if you forgot something outside unless of course you won’t enter again.

RFID: Stands for Radio Frequency Identification – a wristband you’d have to wear inside Aqua Planet. You tap it to open the entrance and exit gate, locker and buying food, drinks and other stuff. It also helps the staff confirm your access to the ride.  You can reload your RFID next to the entrance gate and at RFID stations. Lost RFID will be charged 300.00php.

Cash vs Credit Card: Credit card can be used to pay the entrance fee. Some food stalls accept credit cards too but the terminal was down when we were there. In that case, reload your RFID using cash to make a purchase. Unused amount in RFID can be refunded.

Attire: Swimsuits, rash guards, thermal shirts or nylon/spandex material made swimwear are all allowed. Wear board shorts and swimming trunks that won’t fall off on waterslides and when surfing. Denim, swimsuits with rivets, buckles and other exposed metals are not allowed in pools and rides.

Footwear: Slippers are okay but aqua shoes and water shoes are recommended for its good grip – you won’t worry about leaving them behind and comfortable to use for walking and climbing up stairs.

Food: Bringing in food and drinks are not allowed. Kiosks and food stalls are available inside (and they are pricey!)

Camera and sunglasses: Cameras (including action cam), phones, sunglasses and eyeglasses cannot be brought to the rides due to safety concerns. We were able to use ours at lazy river and wave pool.

Locker: Available for rental at 200php. It can hold 2 averaged-size bags. Locking and unlocking of lockers are done by bringing your RFID near the reader. The buzzing sound indicates the action, whether locking or unlocking, has been made.

Cabana Rental: 3,000php if near kiddie pool, 3,500 if along the beach/wave pool, umbrella table and chairs are free – all at first come first serve basis.

Changing Room: Located near the entrance gate. It has several cubicles equipped with shower. There are also chairs where you can organize your bags, put on sunscreen, fix your hair, etc. Bring your own toiletries and towel.

Rest rooms: clean and well-maintained

Parking space: Free

Wifi:  Free with Fair to Strong signal (depending on the number of users)

A peek at some of their facilities:

1. Spiral Slide:

  • Best ride: Open tube red slide (far left)
  • # of rider: 2 persons per raft
  • Requires carrying raft to the top of slide

2. Octopus Racers:

  • Best ride: 2 inner slides – yellow and blue
  • # of rider: 1 person per slide
  • Requires carrying of mat to the top of slide
  • May cause neck and back pain

3. Flow Rider:

  • Height requirement: 42’ and above
  • Weight requirement: maximum of 200lbs
  • # of rider: 1 person at a time
  • Wear board shorts that won’t be pulled off by the force of water.

4. Hurricane

  • Best ride: Red tube (the biggest)
  • # of rider: 2 persons per raft for red, blue and yellow
  • Single rider: purple tube but was temporarily unavailable during our visit (March 9, 2018)
  • Requires carrying raft to the top of slide

5. Superbowl

  • Must Try! 
  • # of rider: (strictly) 4 persons per raft
  • Tip #1: Complete your group of 4 before walking up to top of slide and avoid the long wait. If you need more people in your group, don’t be shy to make friends with other riders. Every one of you will have fun.
  • Tip #2: Ride this superbowl first before its twin, sky shuttle. We always save the more extreme for last.
  • This ride is not scary at all. Trust me.

6. Sky Shuttle

  • Must Try! 
  • # of rider: (strictly) 4 persons per raft
  • Tip #1: Complete your group of 4 before walking up to top of slide and avoid the long wait.
  • Tip #2: Scared? Trust the raft, hold the handles tightly and SCREEEEAM.

7. Tornado

  • Our Favorite.. and will be yours too. 
  • # of rider: (strictly) 4 persons per raft
  • Tip #1: Complete your group of 4 before walking up to top of slide.
  • Tip #2: Trust the raft and never let go of its handles.
  • It’s so fun you’ll ask for more!
  • Here will be your loudest and longest scream.

8. Wave River/Lazy River

  • Best place to relax after the exhausting rides. All you gotta do is grab a donut, hop on it and let it sail.
  • Depth of river: 3 ft.

9. Wave Pool and Boogie Bay

  • On the left is the beach-like pool with deepest level of 6ft.
  • On the right is the surfing area with deepest level of 9ft.
  • Surfboard and life vest are free to use.

10. Orc Lagoon

  • Kiddos will have fun too in this wave pool and playground.

11. Mermaid Bay

  • Didn’t see a mermaid as it was drizzling when I went to this area but couldn’t argue that its structure is very entertaining to the little ones.

12. Aqua Loop

  • One of the most extreme rides, together with Tornado.
  • We didn’t try it because some riders were stuck in the loop. It happens when the force isn’t strong enough for you to slide around it. The few openings in the loop will allow the lifeguards to pick you up and you just try it again.
  • *No photo available. Sorry!

One of our friends asked if Aqua Planet is suitable for elderly. The answer is it all depends on the person’s health; most of the rides are discouraged for people with heart condition, neck, back and bone ailments, high blood pressure and aneurysm. Although there were several elderly riders seemingly having the best day of their lives in the park, we can’t imagine our 68 year old dad and my early 60s parents-in-law screaming their heads off through high speed-thrilling water slides.

Aqua Planet meets the international standards for safety making it family friendly. And with our country’s tropical weather, water parks are truly heaven-sent.  Drop & Splash, Slide & Soak are exactly what we need to beat the summer heat.

Watch our Aqua Planet video in this link

Keep calm and enjoy summer…


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